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2018 October Interview with The Rebel Media (The Rebel News Network Ltd.)

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Artists For Trump Coalition was the first open call juried show dedicated to the Trump movement. Our original open call began August-4-2016. There have been other Pro-Trump exhibitions, one realized October-8-2016 and lead by Lucian Wintrich. See article link:

In his Breitbart interview, Wintrich implies that he started organizing his show in September. He doesn’t state if it was an open call. AFTC’s general public open call started August 4th, so that would make ours first.

AFTC received dozens of entries. It was a challenge to jury such wide-ranging dynamic and thought provoking artwork. AFTC artists sent many heart felt messages thanking me for putting this coalition together. Many expressed passionate support for our cause and gratitude at being able to support Trump culturally.

Check out the “Open Call” section of this website for a better understanding of the context for this show. The open call was live from August-4-2016 to October-28-2016. Winners were selected & uploaded November-2016.

Have a look at The Baltimore Sun blurb on AFTC (below). Unfortunately the article is overwhelmingly anti-Trump, nevertheless AFTC is mentioned. /strong>

Lastly, creating, producing and curating this open call and exhibition has been a rewarding venture. I feel fortunate to continue to lead this great coalition.

Coalition Director
Joe Fish

Joe Fish

Joe Fish is also founder of
Joe Fish is a practicing artist, see his work at