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The FIGHT MEDIA BIAS deadline has passed. Results coming soon.


This open ended juried exhibition & coalition will offer contemporary artists of all ethnic backgrounds the opportunity to creatively protest the anti-Western bias of mainstream American media. Honors will be given to the top 1-50 artists. This is not a fundraiser.


Open call to artists of all ethnic backgrounds. Contemporary artwork may be any medium, any style and any size (one image per artist). Artwork will be judged based on a combination of style, originality and substance. By submitting, artists join Artists For Trump Coalition. All artists will have their name added to the protest letter below. Top 1 thru 5 will receive a best in show designation and e-certificate. Top 6 thru 10 will receive a gold medal winner designation and e-certificate. Top 11 thru 15 will receive a blue ribbon winner designation and e-certificate. Top 16 thru 50 will receive a all-star artist winner designation and e-certificate. Winning artwork will be exhibited on AFTC website. This event is not affiliated with Trump for President. This is not a fundraiser.

Dear Mr. Martin Baron,
Executive editor The Washington Post,

Unfortunately, the Post has still not critiqued a pro-Trump artist. Mr. Baron, European-American artists should have their culture celebrated just as other hyphenated Americans do. Attention to Pro-Western European Diaspora contemporary artists is painfully absent. This is an identity rights issue. One that middle America is just waking up to realize. Denial of identity rights to European-Americans is a denial of identity rights to all people.

Mr. Baron, WE ARE HUMAN. Allow your art critics to critique us.


This open ended juried exhibition offers contemporary artists the opportunity to throw their creative weight behind the most important Western movement in generations. Join the movement. Participate in protest. Create the art.

Submission deadline January 9, 2019 (Law Enforcement Appreciation Day).
Email coalition director for more information: