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FIGHT MEDIA BIAS has evolved into our elite member showcase -January 2019


Mixed Results

Is anti-Western media bias a problem in the West? Absolutely and a significant portion of the population understands this. Yet, with regard to our open call, numbers are down. Might Trump’s volatile popularity be a factor? Might this simply not be a popular concern among contemporary artists? Our results have me, Joe Fish, questioning myself. Might my leadership be to blame?

I can air this self-doubting, even insecure, “dirty laundry” in part because we are the only pro-Trump contemporary art organization in existence. With authentic history, AFTC has a comfortable monopoly on this cultural demographic, representing roughly half the country and a significant portion of the Western world.

Unexpected Failure:

We received fewer submissions for Fight Media Bias (FMB) than we did during our foundational open call. I consider the FMB numbers unimpressive, what’s more, the Trump administration has shown indifference to pro-Western contemporary art and our artists know it. So instead of moving forward with a petition to Marty Baron, I have decided to evolve and respond to the conditions with a solo open letter aimed directly at the Trump administration. In fact, this mixed results report should be viewed as that open letter. As I see it, there can be enormous growth with self-diagnosed failure and not all is lost (see below).

Unexpected Win:

Though a failure in regard to sheer number of artist submissions, Fight Media Bias was an unexpected win from another angle. In the period between July and October 2018, an art movement was distilled. That is to say, some of the most interesting and dynamic pro-Trump / pro-Western artists joined our organization during this time frame. From this perspective, FMB was far more successful than I anticipated.

Can a pro-Western artist still join this grassroots coalescence and be considered a leader among equals? Possibly, but not likely. This self-aware movement is past the fog of inception.

My revised goal is to use this Fight Media Bias platform to elevate these high caliber visionary artists further. I hope to do this with an aggressive three-tier agenda.

Tier 1 Goals

Designate Doctor Timothy Lim with the honor of a White House permanent display of a large storyboard contemporary fine art piece. Lim already has contacts with administration personalities. A single MAGA-Tron/Trump Space Force billboard size comic strip would have the energy and magic of original contemporary art that our president is likely to appreciate personally.

Designate Scott LoBaido with the honor of a White House permanent display of a large Trump/USA flag work. LoBaido has a fabulous history and Trump has already positively commented on his work. LoBaido’s vigorous American flags combined with his vandalized protest art (in favor of Trump) could make an exciting conceptual piece on persistence and the evolution of benchmark American values. When LoBaido gets burned, he doesn’t give up, he gets back up, going for bigger and bolder. Furthermore, Trump is also likely to personally appreciate LoBaido’s work.

The Trump administration has been embarrassed due to poor choices in art and outreach. Instead of coming to Artists For Trump Coalition, Trump’s team reached out to the Guggenheim. The result was a major insult from the Guggenheim to the Trump administration. Trump asked for a van Gogh. The Guggenheim said no and offered a golden toilet instead. The administration should have come to AFTC from the beginning. Donald, you need to embrace your own living movement!

Tier 2 Goals

Designate Gypsy Freeman as part of a shared 2021 Venice Art Biennale USA Contemporary Artist.
Designate Richard Deon as part of a shared 2021 Venice Art Biennale USA Contemporary Artist.
Designate Martina Markota as part of a shared 2021 Venice Art Biennale USA Contemporary Artist.
Designate Sabo as part of a shared 2021 Venice Art Biennale USA Contemporary Artist.

These four artists are currently the most cutting edge pro-Western contemporary artists on earth. It is essential that they represent the USA in the upcoming 2021 Venice Art Biennale (to be chosen by 2020). Unfortunately, the Trump administration has dropped the ball with regard to the 2019 Venice Art Biennale (chosen in 2018). The Department of State controls this decision and the president determines how the Department of State is focused and staffed. Regrettably, the 2019 Trump criteria did not alter Obama era requirements. Consequently, the 2019 decision was severely biased against European-Americans, crucially blocking them as an option with wording like “encourage the involvement of American and international participants from traditionally underrepresented groups”. This “equity” code is institutional bias against people indigenous to Western culture (aka European-Americans). The wording is clearly meant to exclude said group. This is exactly the type of zero-sum power struggle that Trump was elected to change. Similar inorganic de Blasio-style diversity requirements are being mainstreamed for art museum leadership nationwide. This “cancel white people” agenda also negatively effects Asian-Americans and must stop. It is radically unethical, extreme and simply a travesty that the Trump administration has not yet changed or challenged these obviously un-Trump requirements. Frankly, it suggests one of two bad scenarios. With regard to this topic, the Trump administration is possibly either incompetent or has been bought off.

Attention: Trump administration, Tier 1 and Tier 2 are 100% within your power to easily accomplish. Failure to do so is an abandonment of your coalition.

Tier 3 Goals

As of December 15, 2018, it is estimated that the special counsel’s Mueller Trump inquiry has cost tax payers $25 million. It is AFTC’s goal that the president of the United States, designate the same amount for cultural development via the nourishment of AFTC distilled members.
The pro-Western Trump movement should be considered a revolution. Just as money was allocated to build Washington, DC after the American revolution of independence, so too should money be set aside to build our cultural infrastructure now.
Consider the billions saved with the Trump administration’s recent criminal justice bill agreement to release violent Democrats from prison. The money will be there (apparently “billions”). The AFTC request is a drop in the bucket.
Doctor Timothy Lim, Scott LoBaido, Gypsy Freeman, Richard Deon, Martina Markota and Sabo, should each receive 4.18 million US dollars to incubate our pro-Western cultural infrastructure as they see fit. This will have an unparalleled impact on our culture. Twenty-five million dollars is peanuts considering the whole US budget. This cultural terracing will be, dollar for dollar, the best deal of your presidency.

President Trump, I am seeking reciprocal pro-Western loyalty.
President Trump, show us competency. Embrace the living!

Finally, as founder and executive director of Artists For Trump Coalition, I am happy to encourage Tucker Carlson to run for President of the United States in 2020. I have faith in Carlson as a competent and caring advocate of pro-Western culture.

Joe Fish
Executive Director
Artists For Trump Coalition